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R.W. Blacktop Ltd.

RW Logo: environmental and economic benefits

R.W. Blacktop Ltd. was formed in the early 80's as a conventional paving company.  However, with the dwindling supply of good aggregate and rising oil prices, the company began looking for alternative methods of paving that were not dependent upon the extraction of exhaustible resources.  After many years of struggling to develop a more environmentally friendly method, R.W. Blacktop adapted existing "Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling" technology.

In 1989, Skip Stothert acquired R.W. Blacktop and continued to pursue the goal of environmentally sound paving methods at cost-effective pricing.  Today, R.W. Blacktop has successfully recycled over 500,000 tons of asphalt which, in turn, recycled over 27,500 tons of oil.

Our focus is to continue to help preserve the environment while creating quality, cost-effective paving solutions.

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