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Economic Benefits

graph showing cost savings

The above graph illustrates the fact that R.W. Blacktop's Pyropaver machine and hot in-place process can stretch taxpayers dollars spent on repavement four-fold.  There are three major reasons for the substantial savings created by the Pyropaving hot in-place system:

  1. Little or no oil or aggregate must be purchased.

  2. Process is usually used only for traveled lanes.

  3. No barrier removals or curb alterations are needed.

The result is a 10% to 50% reduction in costs and time spent compared to conventional resurfacing methods.  The economical efficiency of the process coupled with timely use can greatly increase cost-effectiveness.  The World Bank estimates that each $1.00 spent during the first 40% drop in quality will cost $4.00-$5.00 if delayed until the pavement loses 80% of its original quality.

graph showing importance of repaving before 80% degradation

Clearly, R.W. Blacktop's Pyropaver hot in-place technology is beneficial in terms of cost, time, efficiency and environmental impact.  Why not email us now to get your repavement project under way?

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