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Environmental Benefits

R.W. Blacktop - environmentally sound paving solutions

R.W. Blacktop Ltd's hot in-place technique dramatically reduces the environmental impact of road resurfacing.

  • By re-using pre-existing materials, consumption of liquid asphalt oil, bitumen, petroleum fuels and new aggregate is significantly diminished.

  • Ninety percent of the fuel used by the Pyropaver 300E (the machine used in hot in-place recycling) is propane, a very clean burning energy source.

  • The quick and efficient repaving technique creates shorter traffic delays and thereby reduces the atmospheric emissions caused by increased motorist fuel consumption.

  • No trucking of material required - saves fuel.

  • No crusher required.

  • No asphalt plant required.

  • No shoulder restoration required.

  • No tack coat required

  • By using 55% less energy (BTU's) to process 1 ton of asphalt than conventional methods, CO2 emissions (greenhouse gases) are also reduced by 55% per ton.

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