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Hot In-Place Recycling

pyropaver train - recycling and paving asphalt

Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling is able to recycle 100% of  existing asphalt to a depth of 50 mm (2.0").  This is accomplished by heating and removing two separate layers of asphalt from the road surface, combining the two layers and relaying it by conventional methods.  The result is a low cost, high quality and environmentally friendly surface that can be created quickly with minimal disruption in traffic.

Hot in-place asphalt recycling diagram

Operating Parameters (please refer to above diagram):

  1. Deteriorated asphalt pavement.

  2. Pavement section heated by infra-red heaters prior to milling.

  3. Floating milling heads remove outermost third of highway lane to a depth of 25mm.

  4. Hot milled material is windrowed into centre lane.

  5. A milling head, at the front of the B unit, mills to another 25mm.

  6. If specified, virgin mix or asphalt rejuvenates, may be applied at this point.

  7. Newly exposed surface is heated across full lane width.

  8. Full width mandrel, mills heated surface to a depth of 25 to 35mm.  All material is augered into centre lane.

  9. The material is thoroughly mixed and elevated into a twin shaft pugmill and then into the paver hopper.

  10. A new mat 50mm deep is laid by conventional screed.  The original elevation will be achieved after rolling.

Spinning recycle image

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Hot in place asphalt recycling Hot In-Place Recycling
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