Tom Dixon Controline Sales, L.L.C.

I offer quality C/L stunt products based on my 60+ years of flying stunt, and in nearly 35 years serving control line stunt fliers. A very brief description follows:

Plans-I have nearly 250 control line plans, plus a number of classic R/C designs. These range from 1940's until now. Most are photo copies of original kit or magazine plan.

Engines - I am the North American importer of Stalker stunt engines from Ukraine. I also "stunt modify" OS, ST, and other engines. Ask the guy who owns one about quality and "turn-around" time.

Kits - I can custom cut many stunt designs never offered as kits, and offer upgraded quality wood and hardware versions of many kits and ARF/ARC's.

Custom Building- Call about a design you are interested in. If I can cut a kit, I can build it too.

Foam Wings - I offer triple cored foam wings fully sheeted, partial sheeted, or bare foam.

Fuel - I sell and use Sig fuels. Fuel is available at meets I attend or can be "drop shipped" to you from Sig in quantities of 24 gallons or more, with no Haz-mat surcharges.

I fly what I sell and am available for help by phone.  For questions and price quotes call 9am-6pm eastern at 770-592-3279.  If I don't answer, leave phone number, a detailed message, and best time to reach you back. Visa /MC accepted for orders over $50.00


Thanks for your business!

Tom Dixon


Controline Sales LLC
315 Santa Anita Ave
Woodstock, GA 30189





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