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Engines for Sale - all in good to excellent condition

• Johnson" Stunt Supreme" .35" from early 1960's-----may never have been run---spare gaskets, screws, & needle $125.00
• Supertigre G-21 .46 -ST NVA, Tongue Muffler, mounting holes -drilled out slightly $150.00
• Merco .61 ---converted from R/C--.285" venturi---strap-on tongue muffler-single ring $150.00
• Merco .61---converted from R/C .285 venturi-strap-on tongue Muffler­twin ring $125.00
• OS Max .40-H----- Early version (the good one) ---Tongue Muffler---.280 venturi ---$125.00
• Merco .49-converted from R/C---.285 venturi---bolt on Tongue Muffler
• Royal.45--- Dixon stunt mods---NEW! Copy of OS .45 FSR---factory tube muffler $100.00
• OS .46SF---Dixon stunt mods---Tongue Muffler---NEW! $100.00
• Fox.35-New-in-Box (circa 1970)---original box, instructions, & spare gasket/screw set----$100.00
• Brodak .049 MK 1-NEW $30.00
• Brodak .049 MK 2 bench run only $35.00


Stalker .40 side exhaust (7 each) $281.00
Stalker .40 rear exhaust (1) $281.00
Stalker .46 side exhaust (1) $281.00
Stalker .61 long stroke (rear) (1) $322.00
Stalker .76 rear (1) $458.00
Discovery Retro .68 (1) $458.00

Full sheeted, triple cored wings--Ready to ship!! Plan included $125.00 each

• Vector 40 (2 each)
• Magnum Plus
• Time Machine 40


We have Sig R/C GP00 3 Glow Plugs ---$7 .00 each
Shipping engines ----$6.50 each Priority Mail
Shipping Wings ------$18.00 parcel post (USA)
VISA/MC accepted ---Tom Dixon 770-592-3279




Due to increase in U.S. postal rates on Jan. 23, 2017, the following shipping charges apply. This supersedes any prior listings on this site.
Shipping Charges


Plans $4.00 each
Engines $7.50 each
Wings $25.00 each
Large Kits $30.00 each
Small hardware $3.00
Credit card minimum $50.00

Stalker Engines: Stalker 40 side exhaust to be available shortly --2017 prices posted in engine section.

Control Line World: All my articles from five plus years of writing for Control Line World are available from me. These cover various topics on building and flying, and are aimed at Beginner/Intermediate level flyers. Approximately 90 pages.

CD format $10.00 ppd
Printed $15.00 ppd

Engine Rework: Due to increase postal rates and component costs, my rework on your LA 40- 46, 25, or FP engines is now $85.00 ppd. The work includes re-timing, tongue muffler, Sig plug, new NVA, and new venturi where applicable.

Wing Prices for 2017

Bare Foam cores $55.00 plus shipping
Full or Partial Sheeting $125 plus shipping
Installation of l.g. blocks $30.00
Shipping $25.00

Any questions, please call me at 770-592-3279.

Leave a specific message if I don't answer.

Have a great 2017!



Stunt Kits 2016

"57 Nobler''
I am now fully retired from my "real job" and can devote more time to the control line hobby sport.

The first new project is a true duplicate of the 1957 "Green Box" Nobler .... the most iconic stunt model ever. Ribs and formers are laser cut. All competition quality hardware is included. Balsa is contest grade or grain/weight selected for its specified use. Plans are a photocopy of the original kit plan. The ribs are cut so that you can build the wing on your favorite jig, as getting the wing straight was difficult using original kit parts and methods. Instructions cover upgrades from original construction.

There are ARF Noblers out there. There are other Nobler kits out there. However, I believe you'll find my offering of the "57 Nobler" to be the best value and "best build" for this truly classic design.
All Nobler kits are cut and packed to order individually. Please allow 2-3 weeks for preparation and delivery.

1957 Nobler $195.00
USA Shipping $15.00
Visa, M/C, checks, cash accepted

Other Kits and Services
I can prepare you a kit of nearly any design in my plan library, and also upgraded versions of current designs, with better wood and better hardware than you'll find in the usual kit. Many designs are available with triple-cored foam wings, and I can also sheet these for you in full­sheeted, or open bay form. Indeed, I can supply completely finished models for you. Pricing depends on the design and labor/time involved. Call for a discussion and price quote for the project you have in mind.

Tom Dixon
Controline Sales, LLC
315 Santa Anita Ave.
Woodstock, GA. 30189
770-592-3279 phone/fax


OSFP 40's and LA40"s, already reworked for stunt ... .includes re-timing, conventional NVA, Tongue Muffler, Sig plug, and test run ...... $100.00 (specify which)

Full sheeted triple cored wings, including plan ... $100.00 ..... shipped free ($18.00 value)
Cardinal 60 ... upsized version of Brodak Cardinal, full fuse .... the design I used at Nats & Brodaks ........ 2 in stock
Time Machine 60 .... suitable for MK 1 or MKll versions (state which plan)
Time Machine 40 ... same as above for .40-.46 engines. MKl or MKll
Brodak Vector ... includes Vector plan

Paint Stand:
Made up to order ... an improved version of the late Byron Barker's design ... $100.00 plus shipping at cost




Custom Building - See note here in the site. You can have a cheap, flimsy ARF, or an expert-built quality model for a reasonable price. What is "value" to you? 5/19/2014


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