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Controline Sales, L.L.C.

I offer quality C/L stunt products based on my 60+ years of flying stunt, and in nearly 35 years serving control line stunt fliers. A very brief description follows:

Plans-I have nearly 250 control line plans, plus a number of classic R/C designs. These range from 1940's until now. Most are photo copies of original kit or magazine plan.
Engines- I am the North American importer of Stalker stunt engines from Ukraine. I also "stunt modify" OS, ST, and other engines. Ask the guy who owns one about quality and "turn-around" time.
Kits- I can custom cut many stunt designs never offered as kits, and offer upgraded quality wood and hardware versions of many kits and ARF/ARC's.
Custom Building- Call about a design you are interested in. If I can cut a kit, I can build it too.
Foam Wings - I offer triple cored foam wings fully sheeted, partial sheeted, or bare foam
Fuel - I sell and use Sig fuels. Fuel is available at meets I attend or can be "drop shipped" to you from Sig in quantities of 24 gallons or more, with no Haz-mat surcharges.

I fly what I sell and am available for help by phone. (I don't do e-mail) Plans are listed on my web-site {simply Google "Tom Dixon Model Airplanes"). For questions and price quotes call 9am-6pm eastern at 770-592-3279. If I don't answer, leave phone number, a detailed message and best time to reach you back. Visa /MC accepted for orders over $50.00

Thanks for your business!
Tom Dixon

Controline Sales LLC
315 Santa Anita Ave
Woodstock, GA 30189

Foam Wings
I have been producing and selling full, and partially, sheeted triple-cored foam wings for years. However, some one recently asked me; "Why are you selling your wings at half-price?"
($150.00, full sheeted with landing gear blocks.) My reply was [ I'm not selling them at half price ... that other guy is "gouging" you, charging $300.00 plus for virtually the same thing!]
If you are looking for foam wings, give me a try. You can have "2 planes' worth" for the price of our competitors!
"You pays your money, and you takes your choice ... !"

Dixon Contest Profile Stunters
I am now offering several notable stunt designs in "Quick to Build" profile kits. These kits have "already fully sheeted", triple cored foam wings, and cut to shape contest balsa tails and fuselages. No hardware is included, other than landing gear, and control surface joiners -you choose your favorite items. Kits are $150.00 each, plus shipping. These kits are for .40 to .54 engines.

I started producing and selling foam core wings because I use them myself. I am also fortunate to have fellow modeler Jim Pearson close by ... who is a master at cutting foam. We make a good team!

I have developed a number of techniques for rapidly sheeting and processing these wings, so that my time is not tied up. This allows the price to you to be reasonable and delivery to be fast.

A few brief notes:
Joining -There are a number of ways to do this, but the one I use is to join the panels with 5 minute epoxy while I simply hold the outboard tip on the floor and sight down the leading edge and the trailing edge to be sure the panels are aligned (this is after the controls are installed of course!). Once the '5 minute' is set up, I wrap the center joint with 2 inch wide fiberglass tape from Sig, using slow cure epoxy. A heat gun aimed at the epoxy thins it and allows it to be brushed around with a 'throw-away' foam brush. If you like, you can mask off the area just beyond the glass tape to be sure no extra epoxy gets where you don't want it.

Leading Edge - Carve and sand to desired radius. Again, sighting down the leading edge will tell you how accurate you are.

Tips - Should be attached with a white or yellow water-based glue. Solvent type glues will attack and dissolve the foam! Epoxy is heavy.

Bellcrank - I use 4 inch Brodak bellcranks with a pressed-in brass bushing. The bellcrank post is 1/8 inch music wire, and the bellcrank is held centered with a wheel collar above and below the bellcrank. (I can supply these bellcranks assemblies for $12.00 each). The post is 'tacked' to the inboard wing panel with 5 minute epoxy.
Plywood plates tie the post into the glass cloth center wrap. These are attached with 5 minute or slower epoxy.

That is pretty much the basics. If you have any questions, please call me at

Available designs:
Vector 40 -Based on Brodak kit
Time Machine 40 -Two versions
Challenger -Dick Sarpolus' design -Nostalgia legal
Cardinal-Based on Brodak kit
Tutor Too-Based on Top Flite ARF kit
Magician- Based on the classic 48" Midwest kit
Ringmaster 576 -Dixon modified Rice/Johnston design with larger flaps

Kit prices - $150.00 plus $20.00 shipping in the USA

Dixon "Quick Build Kits"

Tom Dixon announces the availability of quick-build "Full Fuselage" kits similar to his profile line. These feature triple cored foam wings already fully sheeted (or leading edge, trailing edge and center sheeting as appropriate) and ply doublers already laminated to the fuselage sides. All parts are quality contest balsa cut to outline shape. Plans included, of course. Landing gear provided; you supply the remaining hardware as you prefer. Because you do all of the assembly, and alignment, as well as finish, these qualify for Builder of The Model rule.

Most kits are $200.00, plus $20.00 shipping in the USA (lower 48).
Some available designs include:
Dixon Cardinal (based on the Brodak Cardinal)
Time Machine 40, 50 60 and 60RE
Skylark (based on the Sterling kit)
Chipmunk I (Van Loo) $225.00, due to wing mounted landing gear
Barnstormer I or II
Inquire about others-
Contact Tom at:
Controline Sales, LLC
315 Santa Anita Avenue Woodstock GA 30189
Phone/FAX (770) 592-3279

UKIE 35/40
Tom Dixon announces that he is marketing the "Ukie" 35 and 40 control line "ARF" models produced by Jim Pearson. The
"Ukies" were originally designed and produced by Joe Just.
These models come virtually complete. All that is required is to epoxy the two wing halves to the pre-finished hardwood fuselage, and mount engine, tank, and landing gear. With controls slowed down, the "Ukies" make excellent trainers ... and they are nearly indestructible! However, trimmed properly, they are also capable of a very credible AMA stunt pattern.
The smaller "Ukie" is suitable for .25 to .35 engines. The 40 size is best with OS FP/LA .40 to .46 size engines.
Everyone should have a "Ukie" in their hangar for teaching others, bad weather flying, or just sport flying.

UKIE .35 $110.00
UKIE .40 $120.00
Add $15.00 for USA shipping

Balsa/ Ply /Etc

For those of you having trouble obtaining good balsa, and other needed wood, for your models, I can help. I often have on hand a good stock of contest balsa, including light¾" and 1" planks. For large amounts of wood, I can have it "drop shipped" from my supplier, Bud Nosen Models. (They only sell to/through dealers.)
A few notes---AII contest grade wood is 36" long, and not available wider than 4". Also, "hand selecting" through Nosen, is not avai·lable. If I am shipping from my supply, I can sometimes do this to a limited degree, at no extra charge, if I know what you are ordering for, ie quarter grain for flaps, etc. 1/20" and 5/16" thicknesses are not available. Shipping from me will generally be by US Mail. Direct shipping from Nosen via UPS.
My pricing to you is industry standard retail.
Call for a price quote for the items you need. Visa and M_C accepted for orders over $50.


We have Sig R/C GP00 3 Glow Plugs ---$7 .50 each
Shipping engines ----$6.70 each Priority Mail
Shipping Wings ------$18.00 parcel post (USA)
VISA/MC accepted ---Tom Dixon 770-592-3279


Control Line World: All my articles from five plus years of writing for Control Line World are available from me. These cover various topics on building and flying, and are aimed at Beginner/Intermediate level flyers. Approximately 90 pages.

CD format $10.00 ppd
Printed $15.00 ppd

Engine Rework: Due to increase postal rates and component costs, my rework on your LA 40- 46, 25, or FP engines is now $85.00 ppd. The work includes re-timing, tongue muffler, Sig plug, new NVA, and new venturi where applicable.

Wing Prices for 2017

Bare Foam cores $55.00 plus shipping
Full or Partial Sheeting $125 plus shipping
Installation of l.g. blocks $30.00
Shipping $18.00

Any questions, please call me at 770-592-3279.

Leave a specific message if I don't answer.

Have a great 2017!


Other Kits and Services
I can prepare you a kit of nearly any design in my plan library, and also upgraded versions of current designs, with better wood and better hardware than you'll find in the usual kit. Many designs are available with triple-cored foam wings, and I can also sheet these for you in full­sheeted, or open bay form. Indeed, I can supply completely finished models for you. Pricing depends on the design and labor/time involved. Call for a discussion and price quote for the project you have in mind.

Tom Dixon
Controline Sales, LLC
315 Santa Anita Ave.
Woodstock, GA. 30189
770-592-3279 phone/fax

Paint Stand:
Made up to order ... an improved version of the late Byron Barker's design ... $100.00 plus shipping at cost

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