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Ringmaster S-1 CAD Plans by Pat Johnston. Great preservation of this old design.  $10.00

Foam wings for Brodak T-Bird and Smoothie, $55.00/set unsheeted, $105.00 open-bay sheeted

Out of Production Engines: (Brand New)
OS 40FP (2) - Tuned to my specs.  For classic 4-2-4 run.  $145.00 including tongue muffler.

Merco 61SS - Twin ring, rear plug.  Custom set-up like engines I used in the late 1980's.  $165.00 with tongue muffler and Merco 3 piece muffler.

Double Star Shipment due in USA 12/20.  Includes Saito Venturis; 61 LRE, 60 LITE, 50 Classic engines, plus parts.

T-Bird II - Kit now includes CAD plan.  We're looking into laser cutting the wood parts for this and other Dixon kits.

Avanti 40 - plans under development.  Kit will be avail. too.

Time Machine 50 - Also under development.  Great design for Double Star 50, OS46LA, ST46, ST51.

Sig Glow Plugs - cat# GP003.  These are the best stunt plugs ever!  OEM in Double Star engines, but work well in any engine we've tried.  I keep them in stock.  $3.50 each
(Double Stars don't like Thunderbolt or Fireball plugs as they are too "cold" in heat range)

Built Aircraft - Remember, I will fully build, or finish-up stunt models.  References from other customer's available.
Write, call or fax for price and delivery schedule.  Several such projects underway ay this time.  Also remember, I am the only person flying in contests who builds models for others!  You get the same quality as what I fly.  Two firsts in Exp at Charlotte this year and 4th at Brodaks.


4 Stroke Flyers! - Double Star Venturi/NVA in stock.  Fits Saito .50 to .72  $30.00

New C/L Plans
Midget Mustang - 54" semi-scale by England's Tom Jolley.  Use a .40 or .46.  M.A.N. 10/68.  $10.00

Mystere II - Classic legal large stunter by Jim Vanloo.  Originally used Veco .45.  Trike L.G. with wheell pants.  Swept fin.  M.A.N. 1/67.  $15.00

Mac-The-Bipe - 42" scale-like stunt by Lloyd Curtiss.  11/63 American Modeler.  .35-.46   $10.00

New R/C Plans
Breezy Jr. - Babcock kit.  1/2 a power, 42" span.  Very popular shoulder-wing design in the 50's/60's.  $10.00

Crusader - Dr. Ralph Brooke's jet-style pattern model.  Original  had a fox .59 mounted inverted.  $15.00

Flea-Fli - Phil Kraft's reduced size Kwik-Fli III for .19/.23 engines.  $10.00

Little Champ - R.D. Master's 1/2 A size version of Live-Wire Champ.  $10.00

Beachcomber - Jim Kirkland's famous pattern model.  Great pick for senior pattern event.  $15.00


Wing Sheeting Video Now Available
- Shot by Windy Urtnowski at Brodaks.  Available from me or from Windy.  $19.95 + $3.50 mail.  (Video may be returned for credit)
- Also contains Brodak appearance, judging and other material.  2 Hrs., VHS only. (7/20/01)

Running out of Supertigre .60's and .46's?
Don't forget that DS 50 is a bolt-in replacement for ST 46, and DS 60 Lite/Ring and DS 60BB are bolt-in replacements for Tigre 60.  The Double Star engines were designed specifically for this purpose. (7/20/01)

Reminder:  I don't answer email questions via email.  If you want to email a question, include a "snail-mail" address and/or phone number.  I know this may seem odd to you guys who sit at a computer all day, but some of us got this far in life never learning to type. . . . And I'm too busy to learn now!  (Or, simply pick up the phone and call with your question. (7/20/01)

New Plans:
Hi Johnson Spitfire - 55" span, no flaps, companion design to hi Stuka. 2 sheets - $15.00  (1/30/01)
KAAMAC - Simple classic legal design by Italy's Luciano Compostella.  53" span, straight wing, flaps, up-right, exposed engine.  Should be a great stunt trainer as was as classic model, .35 to .50 engines - $10.00  (1/30/01)
Falcon 35 - Simple straight wing, flapped stunter designed by Duke Fox for testing his engines.  50" span - $10.00  (1/30/01)
Miss Behave - Casburn kit for .35 to .50, straight wing, flaps - $10.00  (1/30/01)

Kaz Minato Handles - The best control handles in the world!  Four sizes, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 95mm. (80mm is same as a Hot Rock).  Adjustable for line spacing and overhang as well as neutral point.  Very light weight. - $45.00 plus $3.00 s&h (in USA)
(Most people prefer the 85mm)
Order through me and use your Visa/M.C, or check, and I handle the money transaction to Japan.  (1/30/01)

In the Works - CAD plans for upright engine Time Machine (Kairos), also CAD plans for FOAM wing T-Bird II and T-Bird 60, Barnstormer profile for .25 to.40 engines with foam wing.  Aftermarket C/L carb. for Saito 50/56 4 strokes and more.

OTS Ready to Fly - I can provide complete, ready to fly Barnstormer, All American or Jamison Special models for $500.00 each, plus shipping.  Call write or e-mail me for more info.  (1/30/01)

Wings - Due to increased costs, foam wing cores will be $45.00 as of Dec. 1.  Shipping costs of wings is $10.00 (Not $6.00) due to cost of boxes. (11/1/00)

Pre-Built Components - we can "pre-build" many designs for you to any stage of completion.  Please call or write for any price quote and delivery schedule. (11/1/00)

Thunderbird foam wings available: (11/1/00)
   Classic T-Bird II (foam)          $65.00, sheeted $115.00
   Equal Panel - Phoenix (foam)   $65.00, sheeted $115.00
   Thunderbird 60 (foam)             $65.00, sheeted $115.00 

New Kits (11/1/00)
   Thunderbird 60     $215.00
   Stiletto 35              $175.00
   KA-11                  $219.00
(KA-10 with Time Machine Airfoil)

*Email Orders:
 - You can order by email if you wish at 
 - Be aware that I do not have a "total security" situation for credit card numbers. (on the other hand, it is at least as secure as giving someone the number over the phone).
 - Email saves some time and long distance phone/fax.  Except in unusual situations, I do not correspond through email due to lack of keyboard speed. (8/12/99)



(Last update September 19, 2001)


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