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“The Stunt Starter”

Under current AMA rules, there is no reason at all to hand start an engine. However, most electric starters are heavy, bulky, and require a cord, which can be dangerous itself.

The answer is the KAVAN starter from Germany, This unit is lighter with battery pack than most starters without batteries. The planetary gears give great torque, and the unit easily starts stunt .60’s and .70 four-strokes. I wouldn’t do without one now!

Kavan Starter
Nicad Battery Pack
Battery Holder

$97.00 plus $6.00 Shipping



I stock fuel tanks by GRW in sizes below.  I believe these to be the best quality metal tanks available.  Other sizes can be obtained but may require special order to the manufacturer.

(1-7/16" D, 2-3/16" W)
3.0 oz.
3.5 oz.
4.0 oz.



(1" deep, 2" wide)
3.0 oz.
3.5 oz.
4.0 oz.
5.0 oz.
6.0 oz.




In addition to factory mufflers supplied with engines, I also sell:

DOUBLE STAR LITE MUFFLERS - For DS engines, OS FP, ST 46-51, Fox 35 (specify which).
Tube Type (1 oz.)---------------------------------------$35.00
     Tongue Type (1/2 oz.)----------------------------------$25.00

Double Star Large NVA (.60)------------------------------$12.00
Double Star Small NVA (.40 to .60L)----------------------$10.00
Tigre Small NVA-------------------------------------------$10.00

VENTURIS - I usually have venturis on hand to fit the engines I work on, but I recommend you send the engine to me to be absolutely sure parts fit.  These are sold with O-ring-------------------$12.00 each.

.280 is a good size for .40's to .46's
.285 is a good size for .46's to .50's
.290 is a good size for .60's & .61's

Individual preference and power needs can vary, of course.  Always run the smallest venturi which gives adequate power.  It saves fuel and gives smoother engine runs.

LANDING GEAR (UNDERCARRIAGE) - These are of 6061-T6 aluminum cut to my specifications.  The "large" fuselage type was designed around the Sig Magnum, and the "small" fuselage type around the old Veco kits.  They usually work fine on similarly sized models.
LARGE Fuselage Style-------------------------------------$10.00
SMALL Fuselage Style------------------------------------- $9.00
LARGE Profile (Banshee, etc.)-----------------------------$10.00
SMALL Profile (Ringmaster, etc.)---------------------------$9.00

Made of tweakable wire, 3/32" or 1/8" diameter; upright has holes at 1.0, .75, & .5 inch spacings.  Supplied unbent 7" long, you bend to suit your application------------$6.00 each

INLINE FLAP HORNS - 1/8 wire, offset pushrod holes.  For models such as KA-10, Charisma II, or Avanti with wing and tail "in-line-----------------$10.00

TOP FLITE BELLCRANKS - The respected 3" nylon bellcranks as were supplied in Top Flite kits.  3 output holes, offset arc, with bushing and mounting bolt.  While supply lasts------------$2.00 each

HEAD SHIMS - .010 thick, to fit ST-60 & Merco .61, to adjust compression.  Standard Merco setting is "2", or ,020.--------------$1.00 each

BOLLY CARBON FIBRE LANDING GEAR - These fit such designs as the KA-10 and Charisma II.

BRODAK 3" BELLCRANK (NYLON)----------$2.00
BRODAK 4" BELLCRANK (NYLON)----------$3.00
BRODAK 5" LINE REELS-------------------------$7.00 ea.
BRODAK #760 LEADOUT GUIDE--------------$4.00 ea.


*****Watch for new items from time to time*****

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