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CLASSIC ERA - 1953-1968

PA-6 - Classic Legal Bob Baron design from 1968.  52" span, .35-40 engines. $10.00

WILDCAT/BOBCAT- Kenhi kit plan for .19 to .35 engines, 37" span. Has flaps on Wildcat, and both are easy to build. $10.00

- By Jukhani Kari (Finland), 2" at '64 World Charnps. 53.5" span, 598 sq. in. Classic look D-tube wing. For .35-.40 power, this design is noted for excellent "squares". $10.00

THUNDERBIRD II - Veco/Dumas kit, 2" version, inverted engine, bubble canopy, 56" span, 610 sq. in. wing. Won '59 Nats in the hands of Bob Palmer. $10.00

P-40 WARHAWK- 54" span semi-scale by Charles Parrot. A.M. plan for .35 to .46's. From 3/63. $10.00

LARK - Unpublished Ed Southwick design, traced from Southwick drawings by Don McClave. 57" span, 620 sq. in. semi-elliptical wing. Similar to the Sterling kit/M.A.N. Skylark Clearly related to Palmer's 2" T-Bird. From 1963. $10.00

TOM TOM - Veco kit plan, 40'' span, no flaps, full fuselage stunter for .29 or .35. Simple construction. $10.00

JAMBOREE - Trike geared no flaps design, similar to Zilch X-Pendable. For .19 to 35 engines Air Trails plan from 1/55 $10.00

CURTIS SPECIAL - Tri-geared swept wing design by Lloyd Curtis, for .35 engines. Hobby Helpers plan from 12/56. $10.00

LE VENGEUR - 43" span, 350 sq. in. area, flaps, .15 to .25 engines. Pretty! Classic! Simple! By France's G. Chauzit, from 1956. $10.00

CRUSADER - Mercury kit plan (England), 56" span, 630 sq. in. area for a "solid" 35. A .40 or .46 suggested. Looks like a cross between a Nobler and a Thunderbird for you non-Europeans. From 1961. $10.00

U-NAME-IT/TRIDENT - MAN. plan by Larry Scarinzi Triple tailed futuristic design for .35 power. 53" span, 570 sq. in, from 12/62 $10.00

CHIEF - Veco kit plan by Joe Wagner, 2" version. 54" span, 595 sq. in. wing, flaps. Excellent straight-wing, easy to build stunter for .35's. $10.00

THUNDERBIRD I - Veco kit, 1st. version, 54" span, 595 sq. in. elliptical wing, upright engine. Winner of 1955 Nats. For 35's, the design of this business' logo. Plans by Steve Buso. $15.00

SHARK 45 - Pre-kit plans of original version by Le McFarland. First built about 1960; still a very competitive model. Original had K&B .45. Use .45 to .60 power. From 10/61. $10.00

SUPER WHATZIT - Wooden combat design for 35's. 38" span, Cleveland Models kit plan. $8.00

POW WOW - 54,, span, 600 sq. in. area, flapped forerunner of the Thunderbird series. From M.A.N. by Bob Palmer. Never was a Veco kit, but should have been. For .35 engines. $10.00

RAMROD - Australian flapped stunter from 1955. Straight wing. Original used 0S.29. $15.00

BLACK HAWK - Semi-scale P-4OQ by Walt Pylon. 50" span, flaps, for 35-40 engines Hobby Helpers 1956 plan, an excellent flier. $10.00

MUSTANG - Midwest profile kit plan, .35's. $10.00

P-40 - Midwest profile kit plan, .35's. $10.00

P-63 - Midwest profile kit plan, .35's. $10.00

ME-109 - Midwest profile kit plan, .35's. $10.00

CONQUISTADOR - By T. Hoffman. 54" span true elliptical wing, flaps, for .35-.40 power. Classic era, from 8/58. $10.00

SKYSCRAPER- M.A.N. plan by Bob Palmer, for .45 to .60 engines. 59" span, 760 sq. in. area. Traditional Palmer styling, from 3/63. $10.00

NERVOUS NELLIE - High wing, full flying-stab sport stunter for .09 to .15 engines. Lots of fun. M.A.N. plan from 3/62 $10.00

HALF-A-SNAPPER -24" span, Southwestern Models kit plan $6.00

THUNDERBIRD - Photocopy of Veco kit plan. NOT full-size, but helps to visualize construction. $6.00

ZILCH X-PENDABLE - Berkeley kit plan, from 10/53. $10.00

MAGICIAN - Midwest kit plan (photocopy). $10.00

NOBODY - Combat wing by Don Still (M.A.N.?). $8.00

MUSTANG - M.A.N. plan by Clair Sieverling. For .35 to .46's.. Large area, semi-scale, based on his Phoenician, from 2/65. $10.00

STUKA - MAN Annual 1960 plan by Hi Johnson. 58" span, no flaps, inverted gull wing, almost scale. Two sheets (photocopy). For .45 to .46 engines $1500

ZILCH X -Jim Saftig's thick wing, for .35's From MAN 2/53. $8.00

EL CONQUISTADOR - Clair Sieverling design, straight wing, flaps, and easy construction. 50" span, for .35''s, from 3/58. $10.00

HI-BOY - Palmer/Goyet design with high wing, flaps, 46" span. Scale-like model for .19-.25, or more. From M.A.N. 8/54. $10.00

PEACEMAKER - M.A.N. plan, designed by George Aldrich. 46" span, flaps, for .15 diesel, to .29 glow (photocopy). From 1962 $10.00

DOLPHIN - Lew McFarland dcsign, Jctco kit plan. Two large sheets, for .29 to .40 engines. Easy to build. From 3/65. $15.00

TONY - Frank Warburton A.M. plan. British Nats champ. Semi-scale for .35 to .40 engines. From 3/64. $10.00

LITTLE THUNDERBIRD -46" span, 435 sq. in. area. Veco kit plan, for a good .19, or .25. Smaller version of the Thunderbird II. $10.00

HURRICANE - Veco kit plan, 54" span, 590 sq. in. semi-scale Hawker Hurricane by Bob Palmer. Builds light. This beautiful design was Palmer's last to be kitted by Veco. Modern proportions, and very similar aerodynamically to the Gieseke Nobler. Rare design, for .35 or. mild .40 engines. $10.00

NOBLER BY TOP FLITE - Photocopy of the kit plans, plus super parts drawing by CAD specialist Pat Johnson; all ribs shown. Also, notes on scratch building. The most famous stunt model ever! 50-1/2" span, 550 sq. in. area, for .35 to .40 engines. Three sheets. $20.00

ARES - Ambroid kit plan, and a Bill Werwage design, winner of several Nats. 50" span I-beam wing, 560 sq. in. area, and Classic lines. One of the greats! From 5/58. $10.00

COUGAR - Kerhi kit design by Hi Johnson (2nd. version). 54" span, flaps, upright engine. For .35's. $10.00

WARHAWK - By Bob Elliot. Later a Berkeley kit, originally published as the "Black Tiger" in Air Trails. 45" span, flaps, for .29 or .35. Won '53 Nats in Junior (Walt Pyron) and Open (Elliot). From 3/53. $10.00

LARK - M.A.N. design by Charles Mackey. 53" span, 590 sq. in. Classic design & an excellent airplane, for .35 or mild .40. From 2/60. $10.00

JAY DEE FALCON - M.A.N. design by John D'Ottavio. Based on Nobler, but different lines & wing mounted gear with pants. Use light wood as it can build heavy. 52" span, for .35 engines. Many built in the 1960's. From 4/61. $10.00

PHOENICIAN - M A.N. design by Clair Sieverling. Large easy-to-build stunter designed for JOHNSON STUNT SUPREME. 55" span, 630 sq. in area, thick wing A .40 or .46 may be best. Took 2nd. in the 1962 Nats. From 4/61 $10.00

FIERCE ARROW - M.A.N. play by Bill Netzeband. 52" span competition flying wing! Approximately 800 sq. in. area, for .35 engines. Everyone should have one. From 8/57. $10.00

RUFFY - M.A.N. play by Lew McFarland. The forerunner of the Sterling kit, and a better design. Excellent first non-kit stunter for a novice. For .35 to .40 engines. From 5/58. $10.00

GIESEKE NOBLER - Classic legal version (CA 1968), expertly drawn by Holland's Paul Tupker. 52" span. .35 to .40 power. $10.00

MAGICIAN 15 - Midwest kit plan of smaller version of the Classic Jim Silhavy profile design. For .15's....built extra light it could probably fly with a VA .049.  34" span, flaps optional. $10.00

FLIGHT STREAK - 42" span Classic profile from 1957. Wing construction modified for scratch building. $10.00

VECO CHIEF - Isometric construction drawings to help visualize construction NOT full size. $6.00

VECO SMOOTHIE - Isometric construction drawings to help visualize construction. NOT full size. $6.00

TWO MUCH - Twin engines, 76" span stunter by Gordon Delaney, developed from Mark Fechner's 1966 original; the hit of VSC-III as flown by Bart Klapinski. Very conventional construction, for two Fox .35's or similar (write for special price on two Foxes for this one). Classic legal! Four sheets! $25.00

FLEDGLING - Rare straight wing Classic design from the early 1960's. May be built with 52,56, or 60" span. Very detailed plans, plus full "Trace-0-Marie" parts sheet. Uses .35 to .50 engines. Excellent aerodynamics, but easy building. Designer? $20.00

FENO - M.A.N. plan by Ted Goyet. Excellent easy-to-build stunter for a .29 or .35. Thick straight wing with rounded tips, and has flaps. A real sleeper for your Fox .35. From 10/55. $10.00

LARAKIN MK l - 1959 Gold Trophy winner by Australian Brian Horrocks. 54" span, over 700 sq. in wing, simple construction, upright engine. $10.00

LARAKIN MK 3 - Horrock's 1961 Gold Trophy winner, 60" span, 700 sq. in. wing, simple construction. Original used a Glow-Chief .49. Use a Double Star .60 or equivalent today. Two sheets. $15.00

LIEUTENANT - M.A.N. plan by LeRoy Ducharme. Semi-elliptical no-flaps wing, 50" span. Flies extremely well; docs excellent squares without flaps. .35 engines. $10.00

SABRE STUNT - Jetco kit plan, a sort-of F-86 with prop. 50" span, 470 sq. in. area, for .35 to .40 engines. Two sheets. $15.00

STILL STUKA II - Ambroid kit version, 2 sheets, 47" span, for .25 to .40 engines (NOT legal for OTS). $10.00

OLYMPUS - Original version by Louis Van Den Hout (Netherlands), copied by Billon and kitted in France. Same size as Billon version and Classic legal! For .46 to .60 power. Two sheets. $15.00

SIG CHIPMUNK 1 - The first Sig kit of Jim Van Leo's design, Classic legal. Use current Sig Super Chip wing kit if you like. $10.00

THIRTEEN - By John Ritter, M.A.N. plan. 52" span, lightweight no-flaps stunter for Fox .35. High aspect ratio wing. From 12/57. $10.00

SASSY SAUCER - George Harris, Air Trails plan. 25" diameter flying saucer for .29-.35 engines. From 5/53. $10.00

A.J. FIRECAT - A.J. kit, 42" span, 390 sq. in. profile, no flaps, for 25 to .40 engines. Jim Walker's "'Ringmaster Competitor". $10.00

*SPACE HOUND -Juri Sirotkin (USSR), 2nd. at '62 World Champs, 54" span, very unique "deep" fuselage. Original used MVVS 5.6 engine. Structure has been "Americanized" in this drawing. $10.00

*SUPER MASTER - Josef Gabris (CSSR), 1st. at '66 World Champs. Classic looks. Excellent double-duty "Classic" and "Pro Stunt" model. 55" span, structure Americanized". Original used MVVS '56, a .40-.50 suggested. $10.00

*COY LADY - Royi Brown (UK), 2nd. at '59 British Nats. Excellent layout! Simple fuselage and upright exposed engine, 53" span, for .35 or .40 engines. $10.00 LADY - Royi Brown (UK), 2nd. at '59 British Nats. Excellent layout! Simple fuselage and upright exposed engine, 53" span, for .35 or .40 engines. $10.00

*CALAMITY JANE - Pete Weaver of Austria designed this Palmer influenced stunter. 50" span, 500 sq. in. area, flaps. Pretty design originally published in the 10/52 edition of Aeromodeller. For .29 to .40 engines' and it is OTS legal. $10.00 - Pete Weaver of Austria designed this Palmer influenced stunter. 50" span, 500 sq. in. area, flaps. Pretty design originally published in the 10/52 edition of Aeromodeller. For .29 to .40 engines' and it is OTS legal. $10.00

*=Original versions of these plans available from: APS Plans Service, P.O. Box 35, Wolsey House, Wolsey Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England, HP2 - 4SS. Excellent catalog, and they accept VISA and M/C.

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KISMET - Beautiful Classic 1957 design from Australian Ken Taylor for .35 or .40 engines. Very modern numbers, curved lines, 58-1/2" span, 570 sq. in. area. $10.00

GLADIATOR - Dennis Schaur design from A.A.M. Designed in 1960.  .35 and .45 versions both shown on plans. Two sheets. $10.00

SHARK 35 - Smaller original version of the famous "Shark" for .35 size engines 52" span, trike gear, Lew McFarland design. $10.00

VEGA 35 - Another Lew McFarland design, semi-scale for .35's. Red plane was a competitor for the PT-19, but didn't prosper as well. 52 inch span. $10.00

MIDAS - Gerry Flauger design from M.A.N. for .45 engines. Trike gear, swept tail, 59" span, 700 sq. in. area. From 8/65. $10.00

GIANT STUNTMASTER - 40" span profile, Scientific kit plan, for .29 to .40 engines. Constant chord wing, and a good flyer. Easy to build too. From 1960. $10.00

GIANT KINGPIN - Scientific kit plan, profile for .29 to .40 engines. Tapered wing and lots of area. No flaps. From 1961. $10.00

GUARDIAN - Berkeley kit plan, designed by Bob Elliot. Semi-scale, 53" span, no flaps (could be modified), for .35's. From 1954. $10.00

RYAN S-T - A.M. plan by Parrott. 54" span, straight wing, semi-scale for .35 to .40 engines. From 7/62 $10.00

FIERCE ARROW 400 - .15 to .19 size Fierce Arrow flying wing. Thanks to 'Wild Bill" Netzeband for this one. A Classic design! From M.A.N. 5/68. $10.00

SUPER RINGMASTER - Full fuselage version Ringmaster, lightened and simplified. 42" span, for .25 to .35 engines. Sterling kit S-6. $10.00

STUNT WING - Red Reinhardt's Classic flying wing stunter for .35 engines. Thanks to Canada's Dennis Saydak for this one. Published in 1957. $10.00

DETROIT STUNTER - M.A.N. plan by Rolland McDonald. 55,' span, 620 sq. in. U-beam wing. An all time Classic for .35 or .40 engines. From 2/59. $10.00

SKYLARK - M.A.N. plan by Ed Southwick. 52" span, 570 sq. in. area, forerunner of the Sterling kit, and easier to build. A beautiful design for .35 or mild .40 engines. From 12/63. $10.00

BALLERINA - Flying Models plan by Charles Lickliter Original plan errors corrected. 53" I-beam wing. A twin-tailed Classic for .35's. Truly a unique design from 10/59. $10.00

TUCKER SPECIAL - American Modeler plan by Robert Tucker. 53" span, 560 sq. in. area, no cowl, simple construction. Excellent airplane for .35 or .40 engine which looks much like the Macchi seaplane racers. Winner of many Nats trophies in the early 1960's. $10.00

PT - 19 - American Modeler plan by Dave Hemstrought. 54" span, 560 sq. in. area. Easy to build, semi-scale, was later a Midwest kit. Won lots of Southern meets in the early 1960's. For .35 or .40 engines, it uses no spinner. From 6/59. $10.00

GOBBLEWANTZ- Charles Mackey A.M. plan. 56" span, twin-boom P-38-like stunter for .35 to .50 engines. Bob Randall won the 1958 Nats with it From 6/59 $10.00

ARGUS - Very special plan traced from the late Steve Wooley's own brown paper drawing, with all his notes. 49" span, 500 sq. in. I-beam Classic for .29 or .35 engine. Thanks to Doe Jackson for providing this one. From 8/61. $10.00

P-39 AIRACOBRA - Walt Pyron American Modeler plan. 53" span, 530 sq. in., almost scale, sidewinder 35 engine. Won many, many Southern meets in the late 1950's. From 9/60. $10.00

- American Modeler plan by Charles Parrott. 52" span semi-scale WWII fighter, for .35's. From 2/60. $10.00

SPITFIRE - Charles Mackey American Modeler plan. 57" span, 600 sq. in. semi-scale W"'1I fighter, for .35 or .40. From 2/60. $10.00

STING RAY - American Modeler play by Bob Gialdini. 55" span, 630 sq. in. area. Trike-geared jet-style stunter for .35 to .40 engine. Started the "jet trend" when it won the 1963 Nats. From 9/64. $10.00

LE JAGUAR - Beautiful design by French champ, Roger Lauron. Semi-elliptical 53" wing, 560 sq. in. area, for .35 to .40 engines. Generally resembles T-Bird/Grondal Nobler/Nakke in appearance. Two very detailed sheets. From 1964. $10.00

ORIENTAL - M.A.N. plan by Dee Rice. 55" span, 550 sq. in. area. Simple construction, straight wing, flaps, no cowl. Flies just like a NOBLER (no kidding). The all-time Classic beginner's stunter for .35-.40 engines. From 8/70. $10.00

RINGMASTER IMPERIAL -Sterling kit, simplified construction shown. 52" span, flaps, 610 sq. in. area, Classic legal, for .29 to .46 or so. $10.00

SKYLARK II - Ed Southwick's larger version, never published. 56" span, 610 sq. in area, full-span flaps, Classic legal as flown by Ed at 1990's VSC-II Two large sheets $15.00.

AIRON - I-beam design by Bernie Ash. 52" span, very sleek, '61 Nats Jr. winner. Plans developed from Ash's own 1964 version. $10.00

HALF-FAST - AM plan by Bill Netzeband, easy to build 36" span flying wing combat model. Classic combat? From 4/55. $8.00

ORBIT ACE - Berkeley combat wing, for .35's. $8.00

QUICKER - Riley Wooten's Classic combat design for .35's. $8.00

GRONDAL NOBLER - Louis Grondal's 1960 World Champ airplane. Parlez Vous Francais? For Fox .35 or Double Star .40. $10.00

ME-109 - AM. plan by Charles Mackey. 53" span, 560 sq. in. area, for .35 power. Excellent flyer, from 8/61. $10.00

IMPALA - AM. plan by Elasick, 53" span, 570 sq. in. area, with triple rudders. For .35 power. From 9/63. $10.00

OLYMPIC MK VI - American Modeler plan by Bob Gialdini. 54" span, for .35 to .46 engines. Structure simplified and lightened from the original plan. A Classic. $10.00

THUNDERSTREAK - Aeroflyte kit plan from Australia. T-Birdlike 54" wing, 470 sq. an area, flaps, 20 to .40 engines, Classic legal. $10.00

SHARK 15 - Jetco kit plan, simple profile stunter based on the "look" of McFarland's Shark 45. Non-tapered 36" wing, 270 sq. in. area, flaps optional, for .15 to .19 engine. $10.00

GREY GHOST -54" no-flaps design by Larry Scarinzi. Photo scale-up of magazine plan For .35 to .40 engine, it builds light and is an excellent performer From Flying Models, 2/60. $10.00

RAYETTE - Bob Gialdini profile, no flaps (but easy to add) design, similar to his Sting Ray. 55,, span, 600 sq. in. area, for .35 to .40 engines. From American Modeler, 2/67. $10.00

SUN DEVIL - Easy to build 54" span, no flaps, Clair Sieverling design. Use .35 to .40 power. The predecessor to his Phoenician and F-51 designs. Classic legal! From early 1960's Flying Models. $10.00

SKYLARK - Jean Pallet design, full elliptical wing, all ribs shown, 53" span, 550 sq. in. area, for .35 to .40 engine. Two large plan sheets. From Flying Models, 1/63. $15.00

SLEEKSTER - Earl Gayton design with fully elliptical 53" wing, 570 sq. in. area, for .29 to .40 engines. Simple light structure, and very "racy" looking. From Flying Models, 8/55. $10.00

SHEIK - Jack Sheeks design. Inverted gull-wing, I-beam, construction Trike gear and twin-fins, .35 to .40 engines. From, F.M. $10.00

MIDWEST PANTHER- Photocopy of kit plans, with parts sheet. From, about 1967 or so. $15.00

KENHI PANTHER - Three photocopy sheets of the original larger winged Panther. Very rare plan. .35 to .40 engines. $15.00

CHALLENGER - Rolland McDonald's tri-gear version of the I-beam, winged Classic DETROIT STUNTER. Can build with conventional landing gear 54" span, .35-.46 engines. American Modeler plan. $10.00

SPITFIRE - Geoff Pentland design, originally in Aeromodeller in England (Pentland was Australian). 54" span, quite scale-like, thick wing with flaps. Excellent numbers, for .35 to .46 engines. From, 1959. $15.00

P-40 - Midwest kit plan, profile, 48" span, flaps, .35-.40 engines. $10.00

ME-109 - Midwest kit plan, profile, flaps, 48" span, .35-.40 engs. $10.00

FAIREY FIREFLY - Semi-scale stunter by British master, Frank Warburton. 57" span, 575 sq. in. area. Unique rear observation cockpit, flaps, done in same "flavor" as his TONY UK Nats winner. Original used Merco .35 Two detailed sheets. From, Model Aircraft, 9/62 $15.00

STAGGERWING BEECH - Designed by Jack Sheeks, semi-scale bipe stunter, 46" span, flaps on bottom, wing, I-beam, wing. Original was (under) powered by a Fox .35. Use .40 to .51 today From, 4/66. $10.00

PREDATOR - Documented Classic legal Tom, Dixon design, trike geared, jet-style model, 56" span, 630 sq. in. area, long moments for era. Original used McCoy .40. Use modern .40 to .51 today. From, 1967. $10.00

VENUS - By Australian master-builder Doug Grinham. 50" span straight wing with rounded tips. Good numbers, clean, simple design which flies well. For .29 to .40 engines. From, 1957. $10.00

"ROUND NOSE" THUNDERBIRD - Bob Palmer's famous model from his tour of South Africa and England in 1957. Model was left in England and subsequently measured to draw this plan. 54" span, for .35 to .40 engines. Much detail on two sheets! $15.00

BLOOPER - From drawing featured in September, 1953 Air Trails, designed by Don Hoag of Newark, Ohio. 52" span, no flaps, constant chord wing. Has trike landing gear and inverted engine. Fighter styling. Looks sort-of like a "prettied up" zilch. Easy building, for .35 to .40 engines. $10.00

BARNSTORMER MK II - Photocopy of Guillows kit plan for flapped version of the Barnstormer. 47" wing, 470 sq. in, .35 to .40 engines. Flies much like a Still Stuka or Elliot Black Tiger. From 195& $10.00

JUNIOR NOBLER - Top Flite kit plan with root and tip rib + stab, all drawn in. 40'' span, flaps, .15 to .19 engines. Need to adapt structure for scratch building. $10.00

CAROUSEL - Charles Mackey designed twin-boomer, winner of 1960 jr. Nats. 52" span, for .35 or .40 engines. $10.00

CONQUISTADOR - Thornton Hoffman's elliptical wing beauty. NEW, clean master copy courtesy Fred Carnes. From M.A.N. 8/58. $10.00

TUTOR - Top flite profile kit plan with some extra notes. 44" span. A really good stunt trainer. $10.00

ELECTRA X-35 - Tri-gear, wheel pants, swept rudder, 55" span I-beamer by Jerry Worth. Original used Merco 35. From, M.A.N. 5/64. $10.00.

Hi JOHNSON SPITFIRE - 55" span, no flaps, companion design to hi Stuka. 2 sheets - $15.00

KAAMAC - Simple classic legal design by Italy's Luciano Compostella.  53" span, straight wing, flaps, up-right, exposed engine.  Should be a great stunt trainer as was as classic model, .35 to .50 engines - $10.00

FALCON 35 - Simple straight wing, flapped stunter designed by Duke Fox for testing his engines.  50" span - $10.00

MISS BEHAVE - Casburn kit for .35 to .50, straight wing, flaps - $10.00 

FOXY SPECIAL - .60 size BIPE.  $15.00

I-BAGA-14 - Italian semi-scale design from 1966.  7th at W.C. that year.  Used ST-35.  $10.00

MIDGET MUSTANG - 54" semi-scale by England's Tom Jolley.  Use a .40 or .46.  M.A.N. 10/68.  $10.00

MYSTERE II - Classic legal large stunter by Jim Vanloo.  Originally used Veco .45.  Trike L.G. with warel pants.  Swept fin.  M.A.N. 1/67.  $15.00

MAC-THE-BIPE  - 42" scale-like stunt by Lloyd Curtiss.  11/63 American Modeler.  .35-.46   $10.00

****Note: There's always room for more. If you have a worthwhile plan not listed here (U/C or R/C), and are willing to loan it to me for copying, send it to me and if I can use it, I'll make an extra set for you. I'm especially interested in Old Time and Classic Era designs. Thanks!

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