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Dixon Kits

We are pleased and excited by the acceptance of our foam-wing kits. We feel these are the best overall value on the market! The Quick-Build wing system assures a straight, light wing every time. The Time Machine design has become a new standard in performance... just ask the guy who has flown one! If you are looking for a design to try a four stroke, you can do no better than the Time Machine.

Our other kits are contest winners too. No one provides a wider range of modern and classic competition kits than we do. We can also provide pre-built components, or even frilly finished aircraft. (Call or write for quotes).

Thanks for your willingness to try this “new technology!"


I am pleased to announce the availability of three versions of the famous George Aldrich designed Nobler.  These all accurately replicate the outlines and aerodynamics of the originals, but are coupled with my "Quick-Build" foam wing technology.  The construction techniques are per serious competition scratch-build style; not the lowest cost.  Each kit has its own unique wing core - the same design in not adapted to each kit.   Prices are not low, but they are an outstanding value if your time matters.   You'll not have to replace any wood in these kits. . . nor anything else, for that matter.

1952 NOBLER - Model Airplane News published version.  52" span, 2" longer inboard wing, and OTS legal, of course.  M.A.N. plans included for reference.

1957 NOBLER - TopFlite kit version (green box).  50-1/2" span, 1" longer inboard wing.  Simplified contest construction a la Cipra, Silhavy, etc.  TopFlite kit plans included.

1968 GIESEKE NOBLER - Bob's Classic legal modified version, from plans by Netherland's Paul Tupker. 1" longer inboard wing, wheel pants.

Kits include Sig and Lone Star contest balsa, superb foam core, foam-compatible CA glue for wing sheeting, all hardware, including adjustable leadout guide and tip weight box, Polyspan covering material, all nuts and bolts, and CF tube rear pushrod.  Finished weights should come out in the low 40 ounce range.  Recommended power,a Double Star .40 Classic or Dixon OS .40FPS.

Also available: Foam cores----------------------$35.00

ALL Nobler Kits-------------------------------$175.00 ea
Add $10.00 shipping (USA)

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Time Machine/Nakke/KA-10
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Time Machine/Nakke/KA-10
Brodak Mfg. & Distributing
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