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The product line I offer is limited to plans, engines, and kits.  I am the exclusive wholesale source for Double Star engines, and also a dealer for Sig, Brodak, Walter Umland, and others.  I am producing only a few kits myself due to time constraints.  For items such as lines, paint, propellors, and so forth, please contact your local hobby dealer, or Brodak or Sig.  Brodak especially is making control line their main business.  Custom built planes are now available from me as of 2002.

The custom tuned stunt engines have been developed to be hassle-free and dependable, at a fair cost.  I can also rework your new or low-time engine.  Turnaround time on customer-sent engines is usually under one week.  All engines are test run before shipping.

I continue to be the most complete source for C/L stunt plans.  Many of the latest offerings are in CAD format, by Pat Johnson, for a truly "pro" look.  Many of the older plans are hand-drawn retracings, as technology to photocopy full-size model plans were not available when this business was started.  Where possible, these are being replaced with photocopies.   I sell no plan still available from the original publishing source ... most Flying Models, Model Aviation, and Aeromodeller plans are still available from those organizations.  If you need to see what a design looks like, check the excellent Classic and Old Time plans books from PAMPA.

The Brodak and Walter Umland Kits are of superb quality.  I have built and flown many from each company.  They are truly great values.  (Shipped from manufacturer)

About "time" - numerous customers have told me how pleased and surprised they are with the rapid service I routinely provide, after they have done business elsewhere.  My policy is very simple; I try to provide you with the same service I'd want if I were buying.  If I can't, I'll tell why and hold or return your money until I can provide the item.  No one gets preference over anyone else.  If you've not done business with me check it out with someone who has.  You'll see!

Due to postal rate increases, I must now add a $2.00 mailing charge for plans.  ($5.00 per plan overseas).  Plan prices have not been raised in 8 years!

Thanks again for the continued business, letters, and friendships

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