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Have you seen the ad in Tower's catalog for OS FP engines?   Says, "Build to run one way . . . FAST!"   They're right!   If you've experienced the dreaded "run-away" on OS FP, or LA engines, and want it to run right for stunt, I can fix it.  In 1984, I developed the liner re-timing that tames these engines.  Others are only now catching on.  Allow one week turnaround after I receive your engine.  Setup instructions included.  Send the engine PRIORITY MAIL to:

Tom Dixon
P.O. Box 671166
Marietta, GA  30066

RIGHT STUFF PACKAGE - OS FP, OS LA -- .32 through .46, ST-51

Proper glow plug
Re-time sleeve
Proper venturi
SuperTigre NVA
Tongue Muffler
Package  $62.00
Shipping    $3.00
TOTAL   $65.00


Click here for Double Star Maintenance Update

We believe the Double Star lineup of stunt engines to be the best traditional type stunt engines ever produced, Period!  Produced by ex-Soviet aerospace engineers in Kishinev, Moldova, the 40 CLASSIC, 50 CLASSIC, and 60 LITE were specially commissioned by me for use in Classic models and modern 60-size planes.   All incorporate modern AAC technology, exquisite workmanship, and are very light. . . the lightest available in their sizes.  Production of these engines is regular, but limited, so they are often "pre-sold" by the time they arrive here.  Your best bet may be to send me a credit card number.  Charges will be made only when your engine can be shipped.  You can cancel anytime up to shipment.  This year, we hope to have new equipment in place which will increase production.  Full repair and part services are available.

DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 40 - This engine is based on the Fox .35, but with greater bore and stroke, AAC construction, and now comes with its own muffler.  A direct swap into Fox mounts, it weighs the same too.  It easily turns 11X5 and 11X6 props on 5% nitro, and works best in 42 to 52 oz. models.

Double Star Classic 40-------------------$150.00
Tongue Muffler----------------------------$25.00
Tube Muffler (Adamisin)-------------------$40.00
Head Shims---------------------------------$1.00 ea.

DOUBLE STAR CLASSIC 50 - The classic 50, based on the Tigre G-21 .46, is a direct swap into Tigre mounts.   It weighs 8oz. with brushing shaft and AAC style piston/sleeve.  Works well in 48 to 58 oz. models such as the larger Classic models (T-Bird, NAKKE, etc.), or such as the Stiletto 660.  It is delivered with DS lightweight tube-type muffler.

Double Star Classic 50-------------------$190.00
Tongue Muffler----------------------------$35.00
Tube Muffler (Adamisin)-------------------$40.00
Head Shims---------------------------------$1.00 ea.

DOUBLE STAR 60 LITE-RING - This engine is the 60 LITE with a ringed piston and "bridged" sleeve ports to suit the ring.  It is aimed at the competition flyer who practices heavily, as the ring gives instant starts when the engine is still hot from a prior flight.  This version was suggested by Bob Baron, and he used the prototype at the '98 Nats.

Double Star 60 "Lite-Ring"--------------------------$250.00
"New" one oz. DS Tube Muffler---------------------$35.00
(included with new engines)
Adamisin Tongue Muffler----------------------------$35.00
AAC-Ring Update Kit for existing DS 60 Lite ------$100.00
Head Shims---------------------------------$1.00 ea.

DOUBLE STAR 60 BB - The original DS engine updated with AAC technology, instead of the previous ABC, saving 37 grams.  Otherwise, it's a copy of the Tigre .60 and totally duplicates its performance and character.  Comes with light weight DS tube muffler.

Double Star 60 BB ----------------------$240.00
Tongue Muffler----------------------------$35.00
Tube Muffler (Adamisin)-------------------$40.00
Venturis -----------------------------------$10.00
Head Shims--------------------------------$1.00 ea.

Double Star 61 LRE - The DS 61 LRE is the ringed, rear exhaust offering in the Double Star line. This is a very powerful, but classic running, stunt engine which is also incredibly fuel efficient, thanks to itís unique porting arrangement. Weight, with included muffler, is about the same as a ST.60 without muffler. It makes a great engine for scale type models, as the muffler can be hidden in the fuselage.

DS.61 LRE------------------------------
Head Shims------------------------------

$1.00 each


DIXON CUSTOM FOX 35 - Engines are carefully fitted and various subtle changes are made to gas flow to increase power and smoothness.  The crankshaft is re-balanced to reduce vibration, socket screws are used for re-assembly, and each is test-run before shipping.  100's of Custom Fox .35's have been purchased over the last few years.  And . . . everyone kept thinking the one used in my Nobler was a .40.

Dixon Custom Fox 35 -----------------------$90.00
Fox Hemi-kit (highly recommended)----------$28.00
SuperTigre NVA-----------------------------$10.00
Adamisin Tongue Muffler---------------------$25.00
Adamisin Tube-Type Muffler -----------------$35.00
(Custom engine does come with stock FOX Muffler too)

OS 40 LA - C/L stunt version of silver LA 40r. Comes with stock OS muffler.

OS 40LA "Stunt"-----------------------------------$120.00
("Blue Version") --------------------------------add   $5.00
Adamisin Tongue Muffler----------------------------$25.00
Adamisin Tube Muffler ------------------------------$35.00

OS 46 LA (Blue Only) - Similar to above ----------$135.00

Saito C/L Stunt Engines - Coming soon. . .  Watch this space for .50, .46, and .72 stunt versions of these great 4 strokes!


FUEL - The most important single factor for good engine runs -- GOOD FUEL!  Most "R/C" fuels have inadequate lube for C/L stunt use and cause lean, hot runs and quick wear.  Following are well-proven, dependable C/L stunt fuels.

Fox, OSFP, Merco .35, etc.
Taffinder "FoxFire"
Fox "Superfuel", Sig 25" castor
Taffinder "PAC"
Taffinder "PA"
Fox "Duke's Fuel"
Sig 20% castor (or 25% castor)

Other fuels may work if you add castor to raise lube content to 22-25%.  Most commercial fuels are 16-20%.   If engine speeds up and "goes lean" in flight, and fuel isn't listed here, lube may be inadequate.  If it slows during flight, there's too much lube for conditions: e.g. 25% castor in a ST-51 will eventually "put the fire out" in cold weather.  Solution: Go to a 1/2 synthetic lube, or drop oil to volume of 18-20%.   Erratic, impossible to set needle valve usually means water in fuel -- get new fuel!!

Glow Plugs - "Hot" plugs are necessary in stunt.  Fox R/C long and short plugs are good medium-hot plugs for most engines in most conditions, but in cold weather, 4-stroke plugs such as Fox Miracle or OS Type F may be needed, especially in ABC, ball bearing engines.   In hot weather, 4-stroke plugs will usually cause pre-ignition and loss of power.   A few engines (OS .32, Fox .40 ABC) need 4-stroke plugs all the time.  In most cases, standard "C/L" plugs are too "cold" for stunt in non-piped engines.  Hobby Shack's Thunderbolt #3 plug works well in most engines too!

PROPS - Most don't pay enough attention to props.  Maximum performance for conditions depends more on props than any other variable.  If the model is heavy or draggy for engine size, it usually needs 5-1/2 to 6-1/2" pitch in diameter appropriate for engine.  If it's light, clean, and in high wind, you'll need 5 to 5-1/2" pitch in appropriate diameter (non-piped models).  By now, you've noticed that no one makes props in 1/2" degrees of pitch.  Get a Prather Pitch Gauge and learn to use it.  Order from Prather or R/C mail order suppliers such as Hobby Shack.  Wood props can be re-pitched by sanding.  Bolly & Eather glass or carbon props can be heated with a heat gun, twisted to new pitch, and allowed to cool.  No one in top 20 at Nats runs stock, unmeasured, untrued props.  Believe it!  What it says on the blade may only be approximate pitch.  Diameter controls load on engine.  Pitch controls speed of the model.

TANKS - I've had best results with metal tanks from GRW. - always uniflow, but NOT using pressure which can cause lead runs if air bubbles blow into the fuel-feed.  On profile models, the tank's C/L usually needs to be 5/16" above engine C/L for outboard mounted engines and tanks.  A vent extension to inboard side of fuselage helps ensure proper operation of uniflow vents on profiles.  Always use in-line filter from tank to engine and replace, not just clean, if model was out of service awhile.  Filter screens are a place where "crud" can grow, and flushing won't get it all!

New Kit for Old Time Stunt

58" span, 665 sq. in. for .45 to .60 engines.  Foam core wing, Sig & Lone Star contest balsa, carbon fibre L.G. by Bolly, wheels, hardware, etc.  Adj. leadouts, wt. Box, 4" Brodak bellcarnk, CA glue for wing sheeting, & Polyspan included too.

  • Vintage Looks

  • Modern construction -------------------$150.00 ($10.00 shipping USA/Canada)

  • Ask about pre-finished components or fully furnished models.

New Kit for Old Time Stunt
-Extended Version-

As documented in Charles Mackey's "Pioneers of Control Line"

50" span, 510 sq. in. area, thick airfoil.  Perfect for Double Star .40 or OS .40FP-s


  • Triple-cored foam wing

  • Sig & Lone Star contest balsa

  • Top grade hardware and wheels

  • Aluminum landing gear

  • Choice of Polyspan or Ultracote coverings

  • Builds fast, light and straight.

  • A sure winner in OTS, and competitive in PAMPA events, even without flaps!

  • Ask about pre-finished components and ready-to-fly versions.

KIT PRICE $130.00 + $10.00 Sh & H (USA & Can.)

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