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This operation has now become my principle occupation, and counseling the secondary job.  As a result, I am now willing to accept phone orders during the hours of 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday.  I will answer if I am here.  The machine will answer otherwise.  I still prefer you to order by mail or FAX (anytime) as there is a written record on both ends.  I will still answer letters and inquiries in my infamous handwriting.   I do not correspond electronically (sorry guys . . .my typing isn't fast enough).  The phone and FAX number is (770) 973-9238.

DON'T SEND BAD CHECKS!!   Insufficient funds checks will be charged an additional $20.00, and I'll tell everyone to "look out" for your checks.  If in doubt, send cash, money order, Travelers Cheques (U.S. currency only), or use a Visa or Mastercard.  I no longer send anything C.O.D.  On the other hand, I send out "in stock" items immediately.  I can accept U.S. currency only . . there are no provisions available to exchange non-U.S. money.  Minimum credit card order, $15.00.

Nearly everything is shipped by U.S. Postal Service as, for most model items, they are cheaper, faster, and safer that UPS!   However, if you use a P.O. Box address, include a street address and phone number also.  Not a bad idea to include a phone number anyhow.


Shipping costs - Domestic and Canada:
Landing gear, hardware, etc.------------------$3.00
Large Kits------------------------------------$10.00
Small Kits------------------------------------$6.00

Shipping costs - overseas:
Air Mail shipping cost is approximately $1.00 per ounce.  If you use Visa or Mastercard, ACTUAL shipping costs will be added by separate charge after shipping.  Invoices are sent in a separate mailing to simplify Customs problems.  International mail requires 36-inch or smaller boxes, so some kits may require repackaging for overseas shipment.   I can ship items "used" if this is of help.  Payment must be in U.S. funds.  Travelers Cheques, Bank Draft, or Visa/Mastercard, as well as currency, are acceptable.

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