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A 51" span model for .19-.35 engines, this Old Time Stunt kit has won at the Nationals and the Vintage Stunt meets.   Manufactured from hand selected balsa and complete with an extensive hardware package, this machine's cut and sanded kit is competitive at the big meets or great for sport flying.



This kit of the 1950 National Stunt Champion model spans 47" and has a 470 square inch wing.  Designed for .19-.35 engines, the Barnstormer has won many awards in Old Time Stunt competition and makes a great sport model.  Machine cut and sanded parts; hardware package are included.



The Magician is a competitive profile stunter with C tube and capstring wing construction.  It does a great job of flying the entire AMA stunt pattern with .29-.40 engines and builds quickly from machine cut and sanded parts.  Let this 48" span classic help you improve your scores.   Hardware package included.



Designed by carrier specialist and columnist Dick Perry, the M.O. 1 is a competition model for the AMA profile carrier event.   While engineered to be within the capabilities of the entry level carrier competitor, make no mistake, this model is capable of winning at any level of competition.   All parts are machine cut and sanded to a precise fit and the kit includes much of the hardware necessary for a competition carrier model.  Also included is a complete instruction book written by Dick Perry with detailed construction drawings and information on trimming and flying.  If you are new to carrier flying or even a seasoned expert, this kit is for you.


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