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Double Star Engines General Operating Information

FUEL: All Double Star engines are of aluminum, aluminum chrome (AAC) construction. As such, they need less oil than traditional control line stunt engines. I use, recommend, and sell Sig Fuels for use in these engines. All castor, or high castor content fuels can cause overcooling, rough running, and even, paradoxically, overheating and lean two cycle running. This is because the needle has to be set very lean for the engine to run at all on high castor fuels. Set this way, less overall fuel flows through the engine, which contributes to overheating. Alcohol in our fuel acts as a coolant as it flows through the engine. At lean needle settings, less alcohol goes through the engine.

GLOW PLUGS: I have tested nearly every glow plug on the market, and the result is that the Sig R/C plug (p/n GP003) is clearly superior. This plug is supplied as original equipment in Double Star engines. Nearly all other glow plugs, including some popular brands, cause a power loss and sensitivity to needle settings. Stick with the Sig plugs, no matter what your experience (or your local expert) tells you. Trust me on this! The Sig R/C plug also improves performance of just about every other engine, including OS and Saito 4 strokes.

PROPS: The best props I've ever used are Bollys in the appropriate size. Second-best are the newest B-Y&Os. Third-best are cleaned-up trued Zingers. Zingers tend to load an engine more for a given size. For example, a 10x6W Zinger loads an engine about like an 11x6 Bolly.

BREAK-IN: None. People think I'm kidding. I'm not. I mean it, when I say, "Put it in the plane and fly it". On the ground, the engine does not experience the same cooling and loads as it does in the air. Ground break-in of a Double Star can actually cause premature wear. You don't break in your new car by letting it idle in your driveway, do you?

PROBLEMS: If you have a problem with a Double Star, call me, not your local buddy who has never run one and has nothing invested; however, don't call me -don't even buy a Double Star, if you:

1. Make your own fuel.
"Know" your glow plug is better.
3. "Know" your fuel is fine because it runs okay in your Fox3 5.
4. Haven't followed the instructions here or those packaged with the engine.



Modifications Of Your Engine

I am still providing re-work services on OS-FP and LA engines supplies by customers. (Some other engines can also be re-worked.)  My modifications allow the engine to run in a traditional 4-2-4 manner at lower RPM, allowing use of 5" or 6" pitch propellers.  Most people find this type of run to be more pleasant, more "traditional", and there is no need for special carbon fiber low-pitch propellers.  Most wood propellers on the market will work just fine.

     The FP-LA re-work consists of:

          Re-Time sleeve
          Correct-size Venturi
          Double Star needle valve unit
          SIG R/C glow plug
          Double Star tongue muffler
          Test run
          Return shipping in the U.S. and Canada

Total Price $80.00 per engine

Send the engine, Priority Mail, to:

                    Tom Dixon
                    P.O. Box 671166
                    Marietta, Georgia 30066

Payment can be made by cash, check or money order.

The re-worked FPs and LAs work especially well on profile models.

All OS-FP or LA engines, from .25 to .46, can be re-worked. (The LA 60 is too heavy to be useful.)

Turn-around time is usually within five days from the time I receive the engine.

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